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Abastan is a community project run by artists, cultural practitioners and volunteers united by common values.

We are revitalizing the building of a former textile factory in Tumanyan, Armenia, to create a space in which we live, have fun, create in workshops, do research and implement artistic and civic projects.

Abastan aims to be a safe haven where people in challenging moments of their personal and professional lives can find new directions through learning and creative collaboration.

Abastan Project Goals
  • Community and collaboration
    To unite cultural actors and volunteers from different countries, as well as residents of Tumanyan, in everyday life and work
  • Art projects
    To provide space, resources and vibes for artists to empower them to create
  • Education
    To create an educational space where residents and guests of Abastan can share knowledge and experience
  • Intercultural exchange
    To facilitate intercultural exchange and create opportunities to reimagine our own identities through both artistic practices and experiences of meaningful co-living and collaborating with people from different cultures
  • Historical heritage and archiving
    To preserve and rethink the historical heritage of the factory and the city of Tumanyan in the context of a rapidly changing world
  • Home away from home
    To be a hospitable home and a supportive community for people who find themselves away from home and loved ones due to wars, persecution and other hardships
  • Strengthen civil society
    To provide a space for gaining experience and practical skills in democtratic decision-making, transparent governance and accountability, non-discrimination and inclusiveness, as well as conflict prevention and resolution.
  • Enviromentalism
    To promote sustainability and help create a cleaner greener environment around us through community projects.
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