Abastan Projects

At Abastan arts, research and community organising come together. Although we are not an art residency, many of Abastan members are artists and artisans. We believe that art offers a powerful platform and means for reflection. In 2023 our themes are war, colonialism and its legacies, nonviolent communication, community organising, heritage preservation, transitions in postindustrial towns, women’s histories, environmentalism, history and culture of Armenia.

During our last season we worked with carpentry, ceramics, painting, printing, textile arts, animation, photography, theater and more, and we plan similar activities for the coming season.

In addition to the “manual” workshops, we also organise events with guest speakers who give talks and lead discussions around our main themes of this year. Abastan’s integration in Tumanyan and collaborations with its residents are facilitated by our History, Social Research and Integration Lab.

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