Our Values

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Life in our community is governed by common values.

We value shared responsibility. As volunteers, we take our commitments seriously and feel responsible for the well-being and safety of others.

We value trust and transparency. We trust each other as people and professionals. We are developing a transparent organizational structure, where every member of the community can take up responsibilities and participate in decision-making.

We value nonviolence ­ – be it in our interpersonal communication or our treatment of the nature and cultural heritage around us.

We value friendship and play. We think of each other as friends and companions in an adventure. We love to laugh, and we try to turn every mundane task into something creative and fun!

How have we collected those values?

Values are our common shared behavioral patterns which we agreed to follow while approaching a goal. These behavioral patterns are perceived by the people around, based on them people make their opinions about us.

Values is a sensitive topic. It’s hard to start talking about it right away like “ok, tell me your values now, I need them for the list of shared values”.
So we wore our best clothes, put some nice music. We came to the space where we never discussed anything before, which had white pieces of clothes all over it and the haystacks laying here and there. We sipped some wine, and started this immersive performance on values:
It was important, that Abastan citizens were interviewed by each other through this performance, as well as they were listening each other attentively: it was the rules of the game that after the discussion in couples, you tell your partners values, not your. As a result, we collected these values from Abastan citizens
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