28 AUGUST 2022

THE Width

by Alexandra Kalinicheva and Daria Fedorova

“Most of all, I wanted to live in a different timeline or time frame that allows me to feel and comprehend, to experience the intense emotional impact of the news and decide how to respond to it, or even come up with a different way of being for myself”

Olivia Lange

Our exhibition is an open dialogue, a search for a visual language that can express thoughts and feelings in a new and captivating environment for us. An attempt through images to get closer to understanding our place in the world that we rediscover here.

The circumstances that united the artists in Tumanyan shifted the focus of perception from the general to the particular. Verticals and horizontals, latitude and longitude - everything has moved a little from its usual places.

When we, who came to Armenia from the flatland, think about mountains, we imagine them as something rising up, like a vertical. But when you take the liberty of depicting mountains, the horizontal format takes shape by itself. This strange transformation of a vertical image into a lengthwise one is striking.

“Breadth” is vastness, unlimitedness, scope, space, versatility, range of values, multiplicity.
“Breadth” is vastness, unlimitedness, scope, space, versatility, range of values, multiplicity.

The Abastan project and the whole city of Tumanyan give us the opportunity to find strength. The place is an ark, a place of calm, prompting and giving time. There is something different about it here, something unusual, something going for minutes along its own lines. Tumanyan is a home and haven, space and versatility.
One can recall now the stable expression "move mountains to do something". It seems to us that what we want to show in our works is, to some extent, moving, rethinking both horizontality and verticality. The materials were literally lying under our feet, we picked them up and did what we can. When creating the paintings, we used old fabrics, unusable plywood, rails unsuitable for the construction.

“Breadth” is the result of searching and thinking about everything that happens around us. The exhibition was made by artists, curating and art criticism terms are not the strongest side of the authors. We can perceive and notice. And if we notice something amazing, we want to share the idea with others.
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