Theatre School
«Wandering in the Jelly»
by Nikita and Miroslav
July 24-27 2022

Nikita and Miroslav held theater classes for Abastan. We produced high quality verbal nonsense and bullshit, moved chaotically in space, trusted each other, cared for and watched each other — in general, we were searching for ourselves, and as always we have not found ourselves.
Well, at least we found each other :)
Theatre school programme
Day 1
Introduction to the workshop, body relaxation techniques, exercises on trust to each other.
Day 2
Exercises on various paces of movements. Homework: do one action from your daily routine in an unusual pace.
Day 3
Exercises on positioning in a space.
Day 4
Verbal nonsence and bullshit generation practices as to overcome the inner critic voices in one's mind. Homework: creating the poems using the associations of the 2nd order.
Day 5
Night session on chaotic movements and liberating dancing.
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