Welcome to Dzagidzor
The tour guide around Tumanyan came out on September, 1 / 2022
"Welcome to Dzagidzor" Tour Guide
Great news! Tumanyan got its first audio tour guide based on the interviews with locals conducted by the Abastan Urban Research Team! It’s is available in English as an audio tour, and in Russian as a text tour. To experience it, follow these 2 simple steps:
  1. Download an “izi travel” app on Android or ios.
  2. Search for “Welcome to Dzagidzor” tour.
Huuuuge credits to:
Interview Conductors
Polina Shurupova, Matvei Garapach,
Abastan Urban Research Team
Translation to English
Masha Parmenova, Tanya Grunina
Sound Design
Yura Marin
Content Creators
Polina Shurupova, Matvei Garapach
Tanya Grunina
Start Date
September 1, 2022
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