OCTOBER 16, 23 2022

Support Viva foundation in Armenia

21 october 2022

Friends, thank you to everyone who came to the show last Sunday at the Tuf bar! There were a lot of people and an amazing atmosphere! We did not expect such a stir, and we must apologize to those who did not have enough space in the hall.

After seeing so many interested people, we decided to continue doing animation shows and diversify the program. Next Sunday, October 23 at 19-00 in the Ban club, we will make another show of our works by the Animation Tseh. Call your friends, come yourself, even if you were last Sunday we promise that it won't be boring - at least 2/3 of the program will consist of other films, but no less cool!

In order to ensure that there are definitely enough places for everyone, we are doing registration for this event, do not forget to check in. Admission is free, donations are very welcome.

An important clarification - all the money from the shows and from the sale of souvenirs go to charity. Last Sunday (13 October 2022), with your help, we earned AMD 68,000 for the Viva Foundation, and AMD 105,000 for the Abastan art community!

The show this Sunday will also be charitable, in favor of Viva Foundation and Abastan. Taking this opportunity, I will show you what cool art from Abastan you can buy to support the folks and give them the opportunity to continue accepting people who came to Armenia in search of a new home.

upd: On October, 23 we ran another charity event to support Viva Foundation and Abastan. Animation Workshop (tsekh animacii) ran the show of their cartoons and the souvenirs were sold. We have transferred AMD 43,000 to Viva. For Abastan we collected AMD 75,350.

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