Red Cross Event in Vanadzor

1 November 2022.

Abastan artists have joined women of Tumanyan and other parts of Lori in the market of art and handicraft organized by the Armenian Red Cross Society in Vanadzor. Representatives of the Tumanyan House of Culture, Abastan residents and Tumanyan local artists set up their works in one of the festival tents and actively communicated with other participants and visitors in a mixture of Russian, English and Armenian. We hope that our cooperation with the wonderful Armenian masters will reach a new stage, some project ideas were literally born in the process of the dialogue. And, of course, we are looking forward to a workshop on first aid, which the Red Cross volunteers suggested to provide for the Abastan project participants. We believe the most important thing in such events is the networking and the exchange of experience. We returned to Tumanyan with a sense of saturation, culturally and physically speaking: the visual art is great, but the homemade pizza and pita bread with vegetables and chicken also deserve a mention as part of the celebration!

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