Creating with kids of Tumanyan

Creating with Kids of Tumanyan is a project, which helps our community to make friends and understand the Tumanyan citizens better, as well as giving back to the hospitable country which hosts us so warmly.

27/10/2022 Halloween with kids in the House of Culture
We were lucky to take part in Halloween, which took place in the Tumanyan House of Culture. Together with the children, we danced, smashed a wonderful cat-shaped-piñata and were even honored to give out a prize for the best dance. The awards were two masks, from among those that the residents of Abastan made during long evenings for the holiday. It's great that such children's holidays provide not only an opportunity to use our creative abilities, but also give us a chance to unite with the locals in a shared activity.
28/10/2022 Сlasses with kids
24/10/2022 Printmaking workshop
24/08/2022 Lesson "which creative forms you know"
The first lesson with children took place. It was conducted by me (Anna @iceang) and Regina @babuzhina_regina. Nine children came aged from 7 to 14. Two girls did not say their names: they were very shy. The lesson we carried out had the topic "which creative forms you know". During it, I asked the children what they are fond of and what kind of creativity attracts them. I also listed what can be done in each of the types of creativity. (see the diagram). It turned out that there are 2 children who can drum and they like it. One girl can play the piano. Everyone liked the idea of ​​having a jam. There are 3-4 children who wanted to dance Armenian dance and hip-hop. There is an interest in clay modeling, drawing, photography. While there is a computer class, the kids have no knowledge of any graphic programs. There is an interest in literature. Quite a little knowledge about art, so we could take this as an opportunity to share our knowledge. As a result of the lesson, we decided to make homemade stickers in the next lesson and do quick sketches. But, for some unknown reasons, the children did not come to the next lesson. Perhaps due to the preparations for September 1st, the first day in the new school year…

by Anna iceang@
01/08/2022 A series of plein-air workshops
The Urban Research team has been conducting city Plein-airs with the kids of Tumanyan. For two and a half weeks, children, spontaneously gathered on the football field, the town square, around gazebos and in the cafe drew important places in the city. After that, in the cafe on the main square, their drawings made up an entire exhibition of Tumanyan through the eyes of children

by Renata
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