JUNE 11-25

Social Studies Laboratory
"Warning the city/zens"

by CISR e.V. Berlin @cisrberlin, in partnership with the Abastan community

Last Monday the Center for Independent Social Research CISR e.V. Berlin @cisrberlin, in partnership with the Abastan community, held a laboratory "Warning the city/zens". Professionals, for whom cities and social life there are the point of application of their effort, came to Tumanyan: architects, urbanists, anthropologists, artists and journalists living in Georgia, Armenia and Germany.

Together we asked complex questions that require the search for joined solutions. What is the role of urbanism today? How can we rethink the civic and professional experience of urbanists in recent years? What ethical, professional and practical issues should we decide today, what conclusions should we draw for ourselves? How to act in new contexts and circumstances? During the laboratory, we delved into the issues of participation and inclusion, migration, coloniality and "imperiality", ethical issues, themes of discrimination and inequality in cities. And we also became friends, went for a long hike together and had a great time : ) We are waiting for our friends to visit again!

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