24 FEBRUARY - 1 MARCH 2023

Festival animation lab

The small town of Tumanyan, in which none of us have been before, strangely looks like something very familiar, like a forgotten place from childhood. Time here goes differently, and not just slower, but in some unpredictable directions. And dreams here are vivid and memorable.

This experimental film was filmed in the city of Tumanyan in northern Armenia, as part of the animation laboratory during the Barents Festival in February 2023. The city of Tumanyan is located near the native village of the well-known Armenian storyteller Hovhannes Tumanyan, and is named after him. In these places, Sergei Parajanov created his masterpiece The Color of the Pomegranates (1969).

Organizers of the Animation Laboratory: creative community of Abastan, Barents Festival, Tsekh Animatcii

Curators: Yura Boguslavsky, Vasya Chirkov

Sound: Sasha Chirkov

Operator: Alexander Demyanenko

Producer: Vladimir Gursky

Executive Producer: Sasha Kiselev

Anthropological Researcher: Maria Gunko

Filmed by:

Sonya Savina, Andrey Terentiev, Danya Koshkin, Sasha Korolyova, Egr Nagaen, Olya Mashinets, Alexey Romanchikov, Dasha Fedorova, Anya Ryabova, Andrey Boguslavsky, Varya Baboshina, Arghavan Heidari Majd, Venya Yanin, Katya Medvedeva, Vigen Arakelyan, Christina Gornostaeva, Timofey Moskovkin, Danil Borshov, Sasha Kalinicheva.

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