Last Call: Join Abastan in 2023

Time's running out! This season’s final application deadline is approaching. Don't miss your chance and submit your application by August 31.

Please fill in this form if you would like to become a participant.

What do I do as a part of the project?

Abastan invests in several directions this year, including arts & crafts, social research & history, and environmentalism. These directions are supported by artisanal workshops and individual projects, as well as infrastructure groups – all run and curated by our participants. This year several workshops/labs will operate in Abastan: linocut workshop, carpentry and welding workshop, analog photography lab, creative recycling workshop, sewing/textile arts workshop, sound & noise lab, social research & history lab, Abastan talks & lectures initiative and more. The workshops will be open to all participants and guests and serve as spaces for creativity, learning and collaboration.

How do I apply?

We have two formats of participation in the project: a participant and a guest.

1) Participants are provided with free accommodation and usually dedicate 3 hours per weekday to do volunteer work of choice. Participants come to our project from 3 weeks+. Please fill in this form if you would like to become a participant. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply early. The official open call started on May 17, 2023.

2) Guests can stay in Abastan for up to 10 days and pay for their accommodation at the factory. Application forms for guests will be open from July.

What are the different formats of participation?

Abastan Participants are provided with free accommodation (whether they use this right or not is their choice); they devote around 3 hours per weekday to volunteer in a group of choice (more details in the application form). The Participant can eat in the shared kitchen for a fee, at the net cost of groceries 1500 AMD/day (which is 4 USD per 3 meals). Vegan options will always be available. Participants take turns in the cleaning and cooking rotations.

Abastan Guests can stay at the factory’s guest room for 3000 AMD/day for no longer than 10 days. Guests can share meals with participants for 2000 AMD/day and take part in Abastan groups at will.

Friends of Abastan are trusted partners who support Abastan activities, but are not regular participants during the season. This includes Abastan former participants, some Tumanyan residents and other partners.

What’s the accommodation like? Can I live with pets? With children or other family members?

Participants are provided with free accommodation at the Abastan factory in shared rooms of 2-6 people (subject to availability). We started renovating the building last year, and it’s a work in progress. We have a shared kitchen, wi-fi, electricity, two shared showers with hot water and curtains :) Please see more photos of the building here. At the moment the building is not equipped to accommodate children. According to the lease agreement, we are not allowed to keep pets on the premises.

What does it mean to curate a project?

To curate a project means to be responsible for its implementation and exhibition and/or presentation in Abastan media when it is completed. A project should have a well defined time frame.

If I apply to curate and run a project in Abasatan, am I limited by a specific topic?

Not really. There are some topics which have become especially important to us in the course of the last season, for example, understanding the post-colonial experience, preservation/rethinking of post-industrial heritage, or the topic of women's history and labor, and our participants conduct projects exploring these topics. If you want to suggest a topic, tell us about it and we'll chat about it during the interview.

Can I set up my own workshop space?

It depends on the relevance of the workshop, complexity of its creation and equipment and space availability. Please write your proposal in the application form, and we will discuss it during the interview.

How is Abastan run? Who makes the decisions?

Abastan is a registered NGO. All our participants become members of the NGO for the duration of their participation, and can take active part in decision making and division of responsibilities.

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